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Pure honest, inspiring, enthousiastic

I learned the hard way that honesty is not always well received. Therefor I went on a search on how I could be Radical Honest in a way that the connection with others would stay in tact. I tried to hold back, to keep on smiling although it didn’t feel sincere. I tried to change my communication and be very aware of the words I use, but nothing felt right. 

Grateful for the guides

Thanks to diverse international trainings I learned a way of being to be Radical Honest which deepens the connection. 

Some of those trainings:

– Theory U by Otto Scharmer (MIT)

– Heart IQ by Christian Pankhurst

– Art of Hosting

– Heart Circle by Tej Steiner


My background

I’m a psychologist, worked for more than 15 years as an innovative HR Manager.

In 2014 I became an entrepreneur in which I supported several startups in their mission, did career counceling, supported several non-profit projects with a positive impact for society,…

I love

I love to support change makers, innovative leaders to make sure they succeed in their mission. And I believe that Radical Honesty is key. When you are Radical Honest it’s a big relief.

There is no more energy loss, stress of holding back.

When you know how to create a context in which your team members are also Radical Honest, then you can move quicker forward because everybody will be more clear about how they feel and what they want.